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Can you resolve a child custody dispute out of court?

California parents know that child custody can be one of the most contentious aspects of divorce. No matter how amicable two parents may be, determining the details of a child’s care and where he or she will live is not always an easy process. For some parents, these disputes simply cannot be resolved, and the final child custody arrangement will be determined by the court.

When a parent is at an impasse with his or her spouse, it may seem impossible to ever agree upon the terms of a custody arrangement. Despite the complexity of a situation, it may still be beneficial to keep a custody dispute out of court. By working with a lawyer who will personally identify with the goals of the client, a parent can more effectively navigate this situation.

By resolving a custody dispute out of court, a parent can have more direct control over the details of an arrangement. This is an optimal to way to account for the particular needs of a child and address complex issues. When navigating these negotiations, it is important for a California parent to protect his or her rights while still protecting the interests of his or her children. These important discussions should not be initiated without the help of a legal ally experienced in complex family law matters.

A parent knows his or her child better than a family court. While it is not possible in every situation, a parent should consider the benefits of drafting a child custody agreement without the interference of the court. Particular options available to an individual will depend on the unique details of the case, which we are happy discuss with you during a case evaluation.