San Jose Child Custody Lawyers

Your children are the most important people involved in divorce, and when their schedule and lifestyle change, you want to be sure that the impact to them is as minimal as possible. Morgan Tidalgo Sukhodrev & Azzolino LLP represents clients in custody, child support, divorce and related family law issues. We are focused entirely on family law and civil litigation, and we are led by a team of experienced San Jose child custody attorneys.

We have the skills and resources to undertake complex divorce and custody cases. We are solutions-focused and work closely with our clients throughout all steps of the legal process. Our San Jose child custody lawyers take a unique, customized approach to working with every client.

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San Jose Custody Attorneys Providing Comprehensive Legal Counsel

Our San Jose child custody attorneys ask specific questions about you, your family and your children to best understand the circumstances of your case and identify all possible legal options to pursue. We educate clients about what to expect during the process of establishing custody and creating a parenting plan.

If both parents can agree on a parenting plan, it is likely to be approved by the courts. If an agreement cannot be reached, the courts will look at a number of factors in determining legal and physical custody. Our San Jose family lawyers provide strong advocacy throughout all steps of this process.

For unmarried parents, our representation also includes handling paternity issues.

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