San Jose Child Support Lawyers

When going through a divorce, some of the most challenging processes can be the ones involving your children. Working with a San Jose child support lawyer who is compassionate, knowledgeable of the law and ready to stand up for you throughout the entirety of your case is important.

We have extensive experience representing clients in San Jose divorce cases, child support, child custody in San Jose and related family law matters. Clients choose to work with our team because of our long-standing track record and our ability to connect with our clients.

We encourage you to call our team of San Jose child support attorneys today at 408-244-4570 to arrange a confidential consultation. Our San Jose family lawyers serve clients in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

California has a formula that is used to calculate child support, and while you may be able to calculate payments on your own, it is important you have an attorney representing your interests. Certain circumstances can result in deviations from the guideline child support calculations, and the individual circumstances of your case could affect the outcome of your custody or child support case. These issues often times can only be recognized by seasoned San Jose child support attorneys.

Our comprehensive knowledge of divorce, custody and related family law issues helps us be efficient in the legal process and identify potential challenges before they arise. Our team of San Jose child support lawyers work to provide our clients with the most effective representation possible.

Strong Support for Our Clients

We take a caring, thorough approach to representing our clients. You can expect to have a full understanding of the legal issues of your case, right from the start, and to be made aware of all legal options you can pursue.

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