San Jose Asset Discovery Attorney

Ex-partners can do all sorts of crazy things in the divorce process. And that certainly includes hiding assets.

If you suspect that your ex has undisclosed assets, you don’t have to sit back passively and let that little game go unchallenged. At MTSA Family law Group – Morgan Tidalgo Sukhodrev & Azzolino LLP, our San Jose asset discovery lawyers can help you take action to get all of the property on the table.

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Has Your Spouse Properly Disclosed All Assets?

Both parties to a divorce are supposed to disclose all of their income and assets, even assets that are considered separate property. This is necessary in order to allow for a fair distribution of marital property, as well as for making appropriate decisions about child or spousal support.

Sometimes, however, a spouse may be tempted to conceal assets. Money that was in a common bank account can go missing. Or an account that was already in your ex’s name only can fail to show up on a required disclosure spreadsheet that is supposed to list all assets and liabilities of each party.

Our San Jose asset discovery lawyers have the capacity to use forensic accounting and other methods to track down money that your ex may have concealed. We are committed to making sure that you are treated fairly, and that means protecting your assets and interests throughout the divorce process.

Taking Action

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