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Going through a divorce is challenging, and one of the more complex processes can be property division. At MTSA Family Law Group -Morgan Tidalgo Sukhodrev & Azzolino LLP, our San Jose property division attorneys will help you navigate through the legal complexities of property division in divorce.

Our San Jose family law firm is exclusively focused on family law and civil litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling divorce and related issues such as spousal support and property division. While you may feel overwhelmed with uncertainty and have concerns about your future, you can trust that we will work diligently to make the transition as seamless as possible.

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Examining Assets, Debts and Other Property

As a community property state, California has specific rules regarding division of marital property, including assets and debts. While coming to an agreement can make the process easier, there are occasions when agreements cannot be reached and litigation is necessary.

Asset division is not necessarily a process that equals a 50-50 split. The individual circumstances of your situation can affect the outcome of your case, including spousal support/alimony. We thoroughly explain the process of evaluating assets to our clients, what is to be expected during the process and what the likely outcome will be based on the circumstances of their case.

Our San Jose property division attorneys have a wide network of resources we can call upon, if needed, in valuing assets (such as businesses) and more. This includes forensic accountants, property valuation experts and more. We are extremely thorough in ensuring that all assets and debts are accounted for, even in complex situations involving family-owned businesses or significant assets/net worth.

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