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San Jose Asset Protection Attorneys

Financial planners do not always agree with each other about the best wealth-management strategies. But there is universal agreement on one point: getting divorced can be very costly financially. That is why, if you are preparing for divorce, you have to act wisely. At Morgan Tidalgo Sukhodrev & Azzolino LLP, our San Jose asset protection lawyers can help you protect your assets and get a legal plan in place for moving forward with your life.

To schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced San Jose family law attorney, call our firm at (408) 244-4570. Based in San Jose, we serve clients all around the Bay Area.

What Steps Do You Need to Take Now?

You may have no reason to be concerned that your ex may try to hide assets or take any other actions that could harm your interests. But there are still steps that you should take to protect your assets and start putting yourself on firm financial footing for the future.

For example, one key step you need to take early on is gather information. This means getting your account numbers and passwords together and making copies of account statements.

You should also make copies of your important documents and do an inventory of the objects you have in your house. And if you have a prenuptial agreement, it’s time to review what it says.

Our San Jose asset protection attorneys have the experience and focused knowledge to guide you confidently through your particular challenges. We are equally capable of using negotiation or litigation to protect your rights and reach a resolution that makes sense for you and your family.

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Get The Strong Advocacy You Need

Our firm stands ready to offer the strong advocacy you need to protect your assets throughout the divorce process. To arrange an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer, call our firm or complete the consultation request form.