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July 2016 Archives

What divorcing parents should promise each other

As we noted in our prior post, there are many who have misconstrued notions about why people divorce and what happens to them emotionally. But for those divorcees who are parents, they should be aware that there are many things that can affect their children in the same way.  Because of this, parents embroiled in custody or support disputes should make the following promises to each other.

Strange, yet untrue things that people may say about divorce

Initiating a divorce is never easy, no matter how strongly you may want to get out of a troubled marriage. We understand that many of our readers may be experiencing the stigma of divorce, or are at least wondering how life will be after announcing that they are splitting from their current spouse.

Could an ex-spouse's tax issues come back to haunt you?

If you are considering divorce or are embroiled in a dispute, chances are that the a soon-to-be ex’s tax dilemmas will be the furthest thing from your mind. And who can blame you?  With your concerns centering on where the kids will live and where they will go to school, future tax problems are far down the list.

What to think about before dating during divorce

If you are thinking of getting together with someone new while you are going through a divorce or child custody proceedings, you certainly will not be alone. Many in these situations have their reasons, such as may be step in maintaining their self-esteem and sense of desirability. Nevertheless, dating or having an intimate relationship during divorce or custody proceedings could have unintended consequences.

Maintaining continuity of lifestyle in your child custody order

For a San Jose parent, the children are the most important people who will be impacted by a couple's decision to divorce. Protecting the interests of the child goes well beyond simply fighting for your desired child custody outcome. It also involves providing a continuity of lifestyle whenever possible. Minimizing the impact that a divorce has on a child is possible, but it may require patience and a willingness to put the child's needs ahead of emotions.

Preparation is key when facing a high asset divorce

As San Jose readers know, divorce is a complicated process, no matter how amicable the two parties may be. This is especially true for a high asset divorce, as marital property can be particularly complicated to distribute, which may lengthen the process and cause additional stress. When facing this possibility, preparation is the key to a more efficient divorce and a smoother transition to post-divorce financial stability.

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