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June 2016 Archives

Can a restraining order affect my custody case?

If you have been served with a restraining order while in the midst of a divorce, or if you believe your spouse is contemplating divorce, it is certainly something to be taken with great caution. Domestic violence is something that Santa Clara County family courts take very seriously. An accusation of domestic violence can have a profound effect on a parent’s ability to have physical custody or parenting time since family court judges must take into account the effect an abuser (or the acts of abuse) may have on a child’s physical and emotional well-being. 

Three things to consider in planning your post divorce life

In a prior post, we highlighted how complicated Johnny Depp’s divorce could be given the disparity in incomes between the parties, and how the issues that can arise when attempting to determine future income from the value of present work. We also noted that many of us in San Jose don’t have the income of a Hollywood star. Because of this, most divorcees will have to live on one income or seek temporary support in lieu of a support order. In either case, taking steps to maintain financial stability during the divorce (and after the divorce) is critical.  

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