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December 2015 Archives

California family law takes financial burden out of divorce

Eating black eyed peas and greens for good luck and money in the New Year is a tradition that many people still cling to, even if the practice has yet to come through for those enjoying the annual meal. For those filing for divorce in the New Year, there is a better way to focus on financial stability. Family law might seem complicated, but with the right guidance, it can be surprisingly easy to come out of a divorce with an intact bank account.

Mandy Moore wants help with pets in spousal support case

Singers Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore were married for six years before recently choosing to divorce. California spouses who have pets and are also planning to divorce may want to take note of recent documents filed in the case. Apparently, Ms. Moore has asked the court to order spousal support, in part so that she can pay for care of the former couple's pets.

Family law issues can be resolved without breaking the bank

Once a California couple has made the decision to file for a divorce, both parties likely want to get it done and move forward. In contrast to celebrity divorces involving significant assets, many couples may wish to avoid time-consuming and costly litigation that may provide little privacy or confidentiality. Fortunately, there are other options for couples who are prepared to put anger and revenge aside while negotiating family law issues.

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