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Wife of rapper files for divorce

California residents may be interested to hear that the wife of rapper T.I. has filed for divorce. The filing says that the marriage is irrevocably broken after six years. It also claims that the rapper should be responsible for paying all of the marital debt because of his earning potential. She is also requesting that she be given legal and physical custody of the children on a temporary basis while their home life can be evaluated.

Furthermore, T.I’s spouse asked for both alimony and child support in addition to an interest in real and personal property acquired during the marriage. Finally, a request was made to annul the marriage, and it is unclear why she chose to do so. Under Georgia law, marriages can be annulled if one party was forced to enter a marriage or entered into it under fraudulent pretenses.

When a couple chooses to get divorced, there are many issues that may need to be resolved. First, it may need to be determined if either party is entitled to child support or alimony. In some cases, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement will answer these questions. However, it may also be necessary for a couple to negotiate among themselves or go to court to settle the matter.

Those who are going through the divorce process may wish to hire an attorney to help settle a divorce in a timely manner and in accordance with state law. Legal counsel may assist an individual in pursuing custody or other parental rights to their children after a marriage is formally dissolved. It may also be possible for legal counsel to take steps to help an individual receive a larger share of marital property to help meet the needs of any children a couple had together.