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When divorce is the right choice

Some statistics show that approximately 50 percent of marriages end in a divorce. California couples who are unhappy with their relationships may be interested to know about which conditions indicate that getting a divorce may be a wise choice.

Individuals who are in relationships in which abuse is a factor should leave. Getting a divorce could mean freedom from being physically assaulted, subjected to emotional abuse or any other form of mistreatment. If married couples have made every effort to use counseling to improve their marriage and have failed, it may be time to start considering a divorce. Sometimes the damage that has occurred in a marriage is irrevocable, or both parties have grown too far apart.

About 25 percent of couples will have to address infidelity issues. While some are able to overcome these obstacles, many cannot. Individuals who are considering cheating on their spouse should seek out coaching or counseling. If the desire to be unfaithful is still overwhelming, it could be a sign that the marriage may not be sustainable and getting a divorce may be wise.

Couples are more likely to remain together if their dreams are aligned in some way and they have the same goals. For those who have grown apart throughout the course of their marriage and are unable to find common ground, despite their best efforts, the marriage may have run its course.

Individuals who want to get a divorce may find it advisable to speak with a family law attorney and explore their legal options. The attorney may consider the factors surrounding the client’s situation and advise as to whether litigation, negotiation or mediation is the best method to obtain the desired settlement terms.