What to do when child support payments should be stopped

San Jose parents might wonder whether child support can be suspended if they both agree to it. Courts might be reluctant to stop child support because it is seen as being in the child’s best interests. However, parents might want to end child support because they are getting back together. Even in this case, a parent should not simply stop paying child support. Parents need to return to family court to explain the situation.

In other cases, parents may have a more difficult time persuading the court to end child support. One parent might begin earning more income or receive a windfall, such as an inheritance, and decide the other parent no longer needs to pay support. In another case, a parent who owes support might be struggling financially. That parent may be able to apply for a modification in support.

If a parent is receiving government benefits, they are usually not permitted to give up child support. A parent who is no longer paying support should keep any records related to the modification in case there is any confusion later about whether anything is owed.

Parents who are divorcing may be concerned about their children as well as their financial security. A parent who is concerned about paying child support or collecting support might want to discuss those concerns with an attorney. There are avenues that a parent can follow to collect child support if the other parent does not pay, but this does not include not allowing the other parent to see their children. Visitation rights and child support are not supposed to be linked in this way. However, the parent’s wages might be garnished, or there could be other penalties.