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What a divorce can do for a person

Although many California residents who are going through a divorce have a basic understanding of what to expect, they may not have a full grasp of what a divorce can actually do. For example, some residents may assume that they will get everything they want out of the divorce while others may be afraid that they will be left high and dry. However, going into the process with realistic expectations can reduce fear and anxiety residents may be feeling.

One of the major things a divorce can do is determine how marital property will be split among the former couple. It should be noted that, unless it was commingled, property that one person owned prior to the marriage will not be divided. Further, gifts or inheritance given to one person may also not be split. If a person needs or wants a specific piece of property, such as the family home or car, he or she should work with their attorney to make negotiations when the property division is being completed.

During a divorce, it can also be determined whether a spouse is eligible for child support or spousal support. Although there are guidelines that determine support, there are deviations that can have an effect on the amount the other spouse will owe. The divorce will lock these financial obligations into place.

Even if a former couple is determined to go through an amicable divorce, the process is still not easy, especially if the couple has been married for many years and has obtained a number of financial assets. A family law attorney may assist with negotiating a divorce agreement quickly so that the former couple can go on with their lives. If there are any sticking points in the property division negotiations, the attorney may work to reach an amicable agreement.