The right way to file for divorce

According to the president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, there is usually a 25-30 percent increase in divorces in January. California residents may be more likely to divorce during that month to give themselves a clean slate for the new year. Individuals may also decide that January is the best time for a divorce after going through a stressful holiday season with their spouse and spouse’s family.

However, those who are looking to start the divorce process are urged to avoid doing so out of anger. They are also advised to leave their children out of the process at all times. This includes not talking poorly about the other parent to a child. Approaching the divorce process like any other business decision may make it easier to keep costs down. Divorces can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 depending on legal fees and the value of assets involved.

This cost could double or triple in the event that one side chooses to enter the process in an adversarial fashion. Those who are thinking about filing for divorce may benefit from thinking through the other financial ramifications of doing so. In some instances, spending extra time to locate financial documents may strengthen an individual’s case to obtain maximum marital property.

In a divorce, there may be several financial issues that may need to be resolved such as whether either party is entitled to spousal support. An attorney may be helpful in resolving those issues as well as help an individual with property division or child custody issues. Legal counsel may be able to gain access to financial documents or work with outside professionals to decrease the odds that assets have been hidden.