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Studies identify factors that increase the likelihood of divorce

Couples in San Jose may be more likely to divorce based on a number of factors identified by various studies. For example, marriages are more likely to remain stable if they begin when people are in their late 20s. People who marry in their teens or after the age of 32 are more likely to divorce.

Another factor is whether the husband works full time. This seems to be unconnected to the couple’s finances, so it may be related to the idea that the husband should still be the breadwinner. The effect of educational achievement, on the other hand, could be income-related. Couples with less education are more likely to divorce but this could because their jobs pay less and their lives are more stressful as a result.

Other predictors are emotional. One study found partners who have contempt for one another are more likely to divorce. Marriages that begin with a high level of romantic intensity are also more likely to end in divorce. This could be because that degree of intensity is difficult to sustain. If one partner tends to withdraw from the other during conflict, this could also make divorce more likely. Finally, couples who talk about their relationship negatively may be more likely to get a divorce.

These causes of a divorce might also affect how the divorce progresses. For example, if the husband works part-time, his wife may be required to pay spousal support for a certain amount of time. If a great deal of conflict precedes the divorce, it may be more difficult for the couple to negotiate an agreement about property division and child custody. Although California is a community property state, there is still some flexibility in how the couple might decide any shared marital property, but they might have to turn to litigation and have a judge decide.