Stevie J to ask for primary custody and child support

When a San Jose mother is not married to the man who she believes to be her child’s biological father, the man may have to submit to a DNA test in order to confirm paternity. It appears that producer and reality television star Stevie J will have to do just that after reality television star Joseline Hernandez has her baby.

Stevie J and Hernandez both star on VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Since Hernandez announced that she was pregnant with Stevie J’s baby, fans of the show have questioned whether Stevie J is actually the father. Stevie J has also voiced his doubts, but he has reportedly agreed to settle the question by taking a DNA test. If the test proves that Stevie J is the father, he will reportedly be pursuing primary custody and child support.

According to news reports, Stevie J wants primary custody of Hernandez’s baby because he has fears over Hernandez’s abilities as a mother. Stevie J has claimed that Hernandez took drugs while she was pregnant, and he believes that she will be an unfit mother. Stevie J has also said that he worries Hernandez will prevent him from seeing his child.

After a divorce or separation, parents may worry that they will lose custody rights and not be allowed to see their children. A parent in this situation may want to have representation from an attorney who can petition the court for a joint custody order. An attorney may help a parent to argue that joint custody is in the best interests of the children.

Source: Hello Beautiful, “Stevie J Wants Child Support From Joseline If A DNA Test Proves He Is The Father Of Her Baby,” Shamika Sanders, Nov. 21, 2016