Stevie J sentenced to probation over child support debt

On Feb. 2, Stevie J, a star of “Love & Hip-Hop” and who is popular with many California viewers, was given three years’ probation for owing approximately $1.3 million in unpaid child support to his ex-wife. According to the report, he had been facing six months in jail if he was not able to show the judge that he had taken responsibility for the back child support that he owed.

Although he has not paid what he owed, the judge ordered him to make periodic restitution payments that would give him the chance to make a dent in his child support debt. Additionally, he was ordered to pay a $2,500 fine. In court, Stevie J told the judge that he accepted full responsibility for failing to financially support his children when he was younger. He stated that he has stepped up and would fully support his children.

Stevie J now has an infant daughter. He also mentioned that his children would be a part of his reality show that was set to air called “Leave It to Stevie”.

When a parent fails to pay the child support that they were ordered to by the court, it can make financially providing for the children as a single parent much more difficult. If a parent is going through a child support dispute, a family law attorney may assist with going to court in order to ask the judge to enforce the child support order. In some cases, the attorney may request that the judge order the other parent’s wages to be garnished if they are working. If the other parent cannot be found, the attorney may work with the appropriate agency to track down the parent so that they can be held responsible.

Source: BET, “Stevie J Finally Sentenced in Child Support Case“, Feb. 2, 2017