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Should people stay together for the children?

Some Californians may be uncertain whether they should try to remain married for the benefit of their children. It may make sense for people to try to stay together in some cases. In others, it might be better for everyone to proceed with a divorce.

There are several reasons why couples might want to stay in their marriages for their children. If they believe that their marriages might still be reparable and have not yet tried to work things out, they might want to try before filing for divorce. Couples who are better off staying together instead of getting divorced might also want to stay together. Examples of these types of reasons might be financial considerations or health insurance.

One reason why couples should go ahead and get divorced is abuse. When there is domestic violence in the relationship, it may be safer for the children and the victims if they divorce. If couples simply cannot get along, it may be healthier to get divorced instead of their children growing up with parents who are constantly fighting. Parents who no longer like each other shouldn’t think that they are able to fool their children. Kids are able to pick up on nonverbal cues and often understand what is happening.

When couples have been married for many years, they may have more difficult legal issues to deal with in their divorces. In addition to child custody and visitation, people who have had years in which to accumulate assets may also have to contend with complex property division issues. People who are preparing to go through high-asset divorces might benefit by consulting with attorneys who are experienced with complicated property division matters. The lawyers might advise their clients about the potential tax liabilities that might be incurred with certain types of asset divisions.