Shared parenting slowly becoming more popular

Although California courts are increasingly favoring joint physical custody when it comes to child custody disputes, there are still many cases where a court may give the mother sole custody. This may be in part due to antiquated gender roles. However, research shows that it is in the children’s best interest to have both parents in their lives. As such, fathers should continue to fight to have an active role in raising their children.

About 80 percent of the time, the mother is given physical custody. However, parents who are stuck with limited visitation may be interested to learn that shared parenting is becoming more common. Some states have already put laws into place that mandate shared parenting, while others are considering similar legislation.

The general public also appear to be in favor of shared parenting. Approximately 86 percent of participants in a Massachusetts poll responded in favor of the concept. Similar findings have been found in research studies in Maryland and Arizona. Further, multiple studies have shown that children who have both parents in their lives generally do better in school and are often more successful than those who have an absent parent.

When parents go through a divorce, the children can also often feel the impact, especially if one parent is seeking sole custody. Because there is substantial evidence showing that the kids generally benefit the most when both parents remain in their lives following a divorce, a family law attorney could assist with negotiating a parenting plan that gives the non-custodial parent liberal access. This could also include a schedule that accounts for holidays and other important family days.