Putting children first in a divorce

San Jose parents who are getting a divorce might want to consider how they can make it easier on their children. For example, the timing of the divorce could be important. Parents may feel that beginning the process during the school year will be less disruptive to a child’s schedule since they can do a lot of the business of the divorce during the school day. On the other hand, parents might choose summer so they have more time with their children.

Family or individual counseling counseling might be helpful for some children. Parents should make an effort to talk to children about the divorce together. They should consider whether they can continue to live together during the divorce process. Another option might be to take turns living in the house part time while the children live there full time. Parents may need to get a support and custody order that is temporary until the divorce is finalized.

It is important that parents avoid arguing in front of the children. They should try to speak positively about the other parent. Parents may want to consider avoiding litigation and going through mediation instead since this may help them resolve conflict and could be less expensive.

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce for parents could be the idea that they will have less time with their child. This may make custody negotiations emotional, but parents should remember that it is best for children to have contact with both of them unless there are issues like addiction. In a case like that, the parent may only be permitted supervised visitation. Parents might share both physical and legal custody, or one might have primary physical custody while they share legal custody. They may want the guidance of their respective attorneys when negotiating these issues.