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Planning for holidays when parents are divorced

After parents in California go through a divorce, they might create a custody schedule for winter break. With a proper plan, the child and both sides of the family will be able to enjoy the holidays.

If possible, start preparing in advance for winter plans. Since both parents will want to spend time with the child and may have different family and holiday commitments, it’s important to make specific arrangements so that everyone knows what to expect. This will involve listing when and where exchanges should take place. If the child will be with one parent, be sure to schedule time for calls or video chats so that he or she can keep in touch with both families during the holidays. Decide who will initiate contact and at what time beforehand.

While each parent likely has his or her own expectations for how a holiday should go, both parties should focus on what is best for a child when making winter plans. There is less stress involved for everyone when parents make decisions and follow through. Children will generally have more comfort and security when they get to spend time with both parents.

Plans that are written and formalized in court are enforceable. In cases when parents have trouble communicating or getting along, such measures may be necessary. To ensure smooth transitions during the holidays, parents might want to use court-monitored apps. This provides motivation for parents to respond politely and promptly when planning a child’s schedule.

Like when making winter plans, the best interests of the children are the driving forces for child custody matters. When deciding custody in court, a judge typically wants both parents to have a relationship with a child. This makes joint physical or legal custody a strong possibility, so parents may want to remember this when trying to form an agreement without litigation.