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Paula Patton to seek restraining order against Robin Thicke

On Feb. 23, actress Paula Patton’s attorneys filed documents in a California court accusing singer Robin Thicke of tampering with a court order. The 41-year-old actress claimed that Thicke, 39, attempted to get Patton arrested in front of their 6-year-old son and altered the child custody order.

Patton has alleged that Thicke physically abused her during their marriage. After accusing him of severely spanking their son, Patton obtained a restraining order that only allowed him to see the child under supervision. Thicke denied the allegations. However, Patton has continued to claim that Thicke was still attempting to get her taken into police custody as a way to intimidate and harass her.

Patton is seeking to obtain a restraining order that will be in place for five years. To strengthen her case, Patton cited an incident that occurred on Jan. 19 where Thicke came to her mother’s house and then refused to leave until the authorities had been called. Her attorneys stated that the trial could last 15 days or more and may potentially include up to 26 witnesses.

Parents who are going through a child custody dispute may be unable to make joint decisions that are in the best interests of their child. If one parent has evidence that shows that his or her ex cannot properly care for their child or is abusive, a family law attorney may assist him or her file for a restraining order. If this is not an available option, a lawyer may present other courses of action to keep the child safe while allowing both parents to have strong relationships with him or her.

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