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Navigating child custody issues in divorces

When California couples who share children decide to get divorced, it is important for them to realize that the decisions that they make during their divorces may impact their day-to-day lives for years to come. It is important for parents to take care when they are negotiating their child custody and visitation plans so that they work well for all who are involved.

Parents should take the time to think about how different visitation schedules will work for their children as well as for them. They might want to consider the work schedules of both parents so that they can devise plans that are workable. The parents might also want to think about how they will communicate with each other about their children and how decisions will be reached.

Parents should realize that they might each move on in the future and start dating again. They may want to think about how the visitation and child custody schedules might be impacted by remarriages. The most important thing for parents who are getting divorced should be their children. They should realize that they will need to work with the other parents for years after the divorces are final.

Divorces may be very painful for most people, including the children who are caught in them. Parents might want to take a step back and consider the best interests of their children when they are thinking about custody issues. Experienced family law attorneys might help their clients to consider what is in their child’s interests instead of focusing on their interpersonal conflicts. They might help their clients to determine what workable visitation and custody schedules might be best and then to negotiate with the other parents to try to secure agreements. When divorcing parents are able to negotiate agreements outside of the litigation process, they may be happier with the results.