Mandy Moore wants help with pets in spousal support case

Singers Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore were married for six years before recently choosing to divorce. California spouses who have pets and are also planning to divorce may want to take note of recent documents filed in the case. Apparently, Ms. Moore has asked the court to order spousal support, in part so that she can pay for care of the former couple’s pets.

Moore and Adams owned two dogs and six cats together. The animals remain in Moore’s possession. Her former husband is said to earn approximately $150,000 per month, which is significantly more than her own income. She has requested that the court order him to pay her $37,000 every month until the divorce is finalized.

This means that when the court makes all necessary decisions regarding the divorce, and a decree is issued, the payments as specified in the request would cease and orders from the court regarding whether any future payments or spousal support are to be made would take precedence. Moore also asked that Adams immediately take possession of four of the animals.  No information was provided as to whether the request for four of the animals to live with Ryan was meant to be permanent.

It is not uncommon for a court to award spousal support as a temporary measure while divorce proceedings are pending. Individual circumstances tend to have bearing on a court’s decision in these matters. It is typically advisable for those facing such issues to gain an understanding of the applicable laws and local court procedures that govern such issues in their state. Anyone in California who is uncertain as to how best to proceed may seek guidance from a family law attorney.

Source:, “Mandy Moore wants spousal support in divorce from Ryan Adams in order to take care of pets“, Tyler White, Dec. 14, 2015