Maintaining continuity of lifestyle in your child custody order

For a San Jose parent, the children are the most important people who will be impacted by a couple’s decision to divorce. Protecting the interests of the child goes well beyond simply fighting for your desired child custody outcome. It also involves providing a continuity of lifestyle whenever possible. Minimizing the impact that a divorce has on a child is possible, but it may require patience and a willingness to put the child’s needs ahead of emotions.

Parents have the right to work together on a child custody agreement that is uniquely suited to the individual needs of their family. Any sustainable custody order will consider factors such as where the child will live, school preference, religious upbringing and more. If a child has special needs or specific desires, these can also be considered in a child custody agreement. While a judge will have to approve the final custody order, this option will help a couple avoid costly and stressful litigation.

When parents cannot agree on the details of a custody order, a court will step in to determine what is in the best interests of the kids. In these circumstances, parents should work with a lawyer who can help them pursue their desired outcome. With legal counsel, it is possible to protect parental rights and the best interests of the kids.

If you are facing a child custody dispute, you do not have to face it alone. Find out how you can avoid litigation and protect your children by providing continuity of lifestyle as much as possible. Our experienced San Jose team is ready to help your family; contact our office to learn more.