Important points to remember while co-parenting

California parents may have a hard time moving forward after a divorce. It is often difficult for the children to accept that their parents are no longer together. However, there are ways in which a parent can move forward and show their children that it is possible to adjust to such a big change.

As a general rule, parents should realize that their main goal is to look out for the welfare of their children. This is because the children did not have a say in what happened between their parents, and they shouldn’t have to bear the burden of the split. Parents are also encouraged to recognize and work through their anger. Doing so may help them work past it, which is generally healthier than ignoring its existence. It may also make it easier to start dating again.

It is a good idea to set boundaries and retain relationships for the sake of the children. It may seem normal to want to check in with a child while he or she is with the other parent, but there may be times when it is not appropriate to do so. Setting boundaries early can help everyone adjust to the new reality that they face.

Ideally, parents will consider the best interests of the child when determining how to create child custody arrangements. If parents are not able to come to an agreement on their own, an attorney may help. Legal counsel might be useful even if an agreement is reached through mediation or other settlement talks. An attorney may be able to review any agreement before it becomes legally binding.