How to change car insurance policies after divorce

When people in San Jose get a divorce, there are a number of paperwork issues they must attend to including changing their car insurance. This is necessary if both are listed as the named insured on a policy. Usually, this task should be done right before the divorce is finalized in case the couple reconciles. Waiting also ensures that some of the necessary elements are in place to make the change.

One of those elements is that the couple must be living at separate addresses. There also need to be separate vehicle titles. A person should not cancel an old policy without having a new one in place, so it is also necessary to obtain a new insurance policy.

It is not possible to remove someone from an insurance policy without that person’s consent. This means that either both people will have to cooperate or one person will have to simply remove themselves from the policy after obtaining separate insurance by signing the consent form. Since people may often be uncooperative in a divorce, in some cases, this may be the only alternative.

How cooperative a person is able to be during a divorce may also affect other applicable issues. If both parties are able to work with one another, they might be able to reach an agreement about property division and child custody without involving a judge until the end. At that point, a court would review a couple’s agreement to ensure that state laws are not violated. This often results in a divorce settlement and an arrangement for custody and visitation that best suits a couple and their children.