For answers in child support cases, DNA tests can help

For people involved in a dispute over child support in San Jose, DNA paternity testing can help play a major role in answering outstanding questions and leading to a settlement. Child support and adequate financial assistance is important for a growing child. When children have the financial support of both parents, they are better equipped to deal with school, medical or other responsibilities and obligations.

However, in many instances, the father of the child has never been legally established. When a couple has a child but they are not married, a father will not necessarily be designated on the birth certificate. A father who is not legally recognized as a parent of the child has no obligation to pay child support and also no right to obtain custody or visitation. One of the first steps in helping to clear the path to a child support order or a case for child custody is a DNA paternity test.

This technology is over 99.99 percent accurate and produces conclusive answers regarding any child’s parentage. A paternity test can answer, once and for all, the question of who the father of a child are. In some cases, DNA testing can even help to bring families closer. In both celebrity cases and everyday stories, fathers who determined paternity of their children with DNA tests not only paid their child support obligations but also developed long-term emotional relationships with their children.

A family law attorney representing an alleged father in a child support or custody case can provide advice and guidance in seeking a DNA test to confirm paternity. This test can be used to guide the issuance of a paternity order from a judge or a state agency.