Family law court approves restraining order for Roger Hernandez

Roger Hernandez — a California assemblyman — was named in a temporary restraining order that requires him to stay at least 100 yards away from his wife. The couple is embroiled in an ongoing divorce that has lasted for well over a year. Although Hernandez claims that his wife never mentioned alleged abuse earlier on, the family law court determined that issuing the restraining order was an appropriate step to take.

The couple first began divorce proceedings 16 months ago, and since then Hernandez and his estranged wife have appeared in court in order to sort out their settlement. After a recent hearing, his wife claims that he grew exceptionally angry and began shouting threats of physical violence at her. According to her, the angry outburst renewed some of her fears associated with violence that occurred during the course of the marriage. She claims that she was subjected to hitting, choking and other violent acts by Hernandez.

In the middle of an election, Hernandez has denied these claims and believes that his wife’s intentions are politically motivated. However, he was previously accused of acting violently against another woman in 2012, although that case did not have enough evidence to pursue any charges. A recent campaign event was cancelled as Hernandez deals with the latest issue in his divorce.

Divorce proceedings can be complicated by issues of domestic violence, and victims should be able to trust that family law courts in California will take necessary action in order to protect them. Accused abusers also have the right to assert their innocence, especially when it is believed that the accusations stem from ulterior motives. The family law court may also help couples reach an agreeable settlement after alternative dispute resolutions have failed.

Source:, “Assemblyman’s wife gets restraining order citing violence by him“, Jeremy B. White