Custody trial begins between Uma Thurman, Arpad Busson

San Jose fans of actress Uma Thurman may have heard that she is in a custody battle with her former partner, Arpad Busson, over their 4-year-old daughter Luna. At the custody trial, which began on Jan. 13, the court-appointed psychologist said that there was a great deal of hostility between Thurman and Busson. The psychologist said that Thurman did not have any serious psychological problems despite a claim to the contrary by Busson’s attorneys but stated that the two should not be in the same room together until there was less hostility between them. The psychologist also expressed concern about stability for Luna.

Among the issues in dispute are what school Luna will attend and whether she will be able to visit her father, who is a French citizen, at his properties including those in the Bahamas and London. The psychologist said that the child had affection for her father but that she should not spend two weeks at his place in the Bahamas until she is older.

Another issue is that Busson is unable to visit New York frequently, where Thurman lives, due to health problems. He is also limited in how much time he can spend in the United States for tax reasons.

Not all child custody cases are this contentious or must go through litigation. While in some cases it is the only option, children may do better if their parents can cooperate. If parents can develop a parenting plan through negotiation, they might be more satisfied with the outcome. A parenting plan negotiated with the help of the couple’s respective attorneys can also include an approach to dealing with any conflicts that may arise around raising the child after the divorce.

Source: New York Daily News, “Uma Thurman, ex Arpad Busson duke it out in custody trial,” Barbara Ross, Jan. 13, 2017