How Do I Know If My Divorce Is Final in California?

Filing for divorce in California can be a lengthy and often stressful process. You and your former spouse will need to undergo negotiations, file paperwork, and potentially attend a trial in family court. It typically takes about six months from the beginning of the process to the end to successfully file for divorce in California…. read more

What option is better for me Legal separation or Divorce in California?

Any married couples who are prepared to end a marriage may choose from several legal alternatives in California. Many people who are ending a marriage automatically choose divorce, but some prefer legal separation. In general, there are three terms for changes in a marriage: Separation Divorce Legal Separation Separation for many can means living apart…. read more

Divorce Waiting Period in California

If you are seeking a divorce in the state of California, you may wonder how you long you would have to wait before the courts finalize the agreement. You may want to marry a new spouse as soon as the divorce goes through, or perhaps you wonder if there is any time to reconcile with… read more