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California family law takes financial burden out of divorce

Eating black eyed peas and greens for good luck and money in the New Year is a tradition that many people still cling to, even if the practice has yet to come through for those enjoying the annual meal. For those filing for divorce in the New Year, there is a better way to focus on financial stability. Family law might seem complicated, but with the right guidance, it can be surprisingly easy to come out of a divorce with an intact bank account.

One of the easiest ways to keep divorce costs low in California is to avoid going to court. Sure, TV shows and movies like to depict couples battling it out before a judge, but most so-called victories during litigation are a loss for the wallet. As one form of alternative dispute resolution, mediation is not only a less expensive route but also a quite effective one for helping couples reach an agreeable settlement that can then be signed off on by a judge.

If certain issues cannot be addressed during mediation, consider whether they are actually worth going to court over. While some assets might have sentimental value to one or both parties, that value does not always outweigh the actual cost of going before a judge. Instead, keeping litigation as an option for big issues only is another excellent way to keep costs low.

The beginning of the year tends to see a sharp increase in divorce filings for any number of reasons, and California couples facing the process should not fear the financial drain on their lives. While uncontrolled litigation and lack of careful attention to details can certainly render a rather hefty cost, this simply does not have to be the case. For those focused on preserving financial stability in the New Year even after a divorce, state family law provides numerous options for a cost-effective process.

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