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Child Custody Archives

Important points to remember while co-parenting

California parents may have a hard time moving forward after a divorce. It is often difficult for the children to accept that their parents are no longer together. However, there are ways in which a parent can move forward and show their children that it is possible to adjust to such a big change.

Family violence may continue after divorce

A recent study found significant differences in how parents in California and across the nation raise their children after ending violent marriages. According to the research published in the Journal of Family Psychology, parents who were victims of coercive controlling violence were less able to successfully co-parent their children in the first year after the divorce than those who experienced situational violence.

The benefits of shared custody

When parents in California consider getting divorced, who will have custody of the children is often a huge concern. Historically, mothers often have been awarded primary physical custody, and fathers get to see their children during weekend visits. However, an increasing number of experts have begun to question whether this arrangement is what's best for the children.

Adding structure and consistency to help children adjust

When California parents of young children decide to divorce, they may experience significant emotional conflict. It is important for them to realize that their divorce is affecting their children as well. Divorcing parents should try to set aside their conflicts with each other so that they can help their children process the situation.

Strategies for co-parenting after divorce

Divorced parents in San Jose may struggle to coparent with a difficult former spouse. The first step in dealing with this is to consider the nature of the conflict. If it is largely between the two parents and does not involve issues such as domestic violence or addiction, there may be steps one parent can take to reduce the conflict.

Parenting the children during and after a divorce

It is estimated that about 41 percent of all first marriages do not last. Further, nearly a third of all divorces are between parents of young children. For these couples, sharing children means that the two parents may have to deal with each other at least until the children come of age.

Survey looks at fathers' parenting attitudes

Some San Jose fathers might want to be stay-at-home parents if they did not need the income from work. A 2015 study conducted nationwide by Pew Research Center found that about 48 percent of fathers expressed this wish. While a majority of the general public believed that children benefited from having one stay-at-home parent, they were split on whether this should be the mother or father. Over half said it did not matter, but 45 percent said the mother was better. Just 1 percent said the father was better.

Immigrants fearing deportation assigning caretakers for children

Throughout California and the rest of the United States, workshops run by volunteer law students and attorneys have been helping people prepare for the possibility of deportation. For most of these immigrants, their paramount concern is filling out forms that designate trusted friends or relatives as caretakers for their children.

Shared parenting slowly becoming more popular

Although California courts are increasingly favoring joint physical custody when it comes to child custody disputes, there are still many cases where a court may give the mother sole custody. This may be in part due to antiquated gender roles. However, research shows that it is in the children's best interest to have both parents in their lives. As such, fathers should continue to fight to have an active role in raising their children.

When a sibling wants custody

There are a variety of reasons children might find themselves involved in a custody battle. One of these might be when an older sibling wants custody of a younger one. In California, there are particular rules related to this, and for the process to be successful, the adult sibling should be familiar with these laws and be prepared for the process.

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