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Employers will soon access more efficient child support portal

As of Oct. 31, employers in San Jose and elsewhere across the country may be finding it easier than ever to process child support withholding due to an online portal that has been released by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. As a result, payroll practitioners are expected to enjoy at least one major benefit through use of the portal, which can be measured as time saved during what has sometimes been viewed in the past as an inefficient, cumbersome process.

Slated to take full effect in 2017, the portal will streamline the provision of critical identification and contact information to the federal office. From there, it will be relayed to the appropriate state child support enforcement agency. Through the portal, employers can receive forms in a timely manner and correspond with both state and federal child support agencies in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Employees who are subject to child support withholding from wagesmay want to be aware that the new portal does incorporate several features that have previously been available to employers in some states. An electronic termination reporting feature allows employees to share information regarding an employee's separation from employment with child support agencies, and a lump-sum reporting feature allows employers to report any bonus that may be due to the employee before that sum is paid.

Employees who are impacted by introduction of the new child support withholding portal may have questions about the change that could best be addressed by an attorney. If they have an adverse financial change, the attorney could assist in obtaining a modification of the support order and in notifying the employer accordingly.

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