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Former NBA star has child support payments reduced

California basketball fans who follow the Miami Heat may have heard that former team member Glen Rice has recently had his child support payment amount lowered by more than half. According to reports, the former NBA star, who made $35 million during his basketball career, is "almost broke" after living off of his basketball earnings for years.

Initially, Rice paid $1,500 per month for a child he fathered when he was employed. However, in early September, Rice and the child's mother, a guardian ad litem staffer for Broward County, agreed on a much lower $600 a month under the stipulation that Rice catch up on $2,000 worth of unpaid support.

After the former All-star retired in 2004, he struggled to find gainful employment despite genuinely trying numerous times, according to Miami-Dade County court files. Rice has attempted to earn income by working at basketball camps and tutoring children in basketball, though he now earns income on signed memorabilia and appearances. An onslaught of poor financial investments has also contributed to his financial hardship.

Parents who have come across financial struggles due to a job change or another event that significantly affects income may have a hard time making child support payments. Parents in such situations may choose to seek the help of a family law attorney. An attorney could help to propose a modification to the child support agreement and help strengthen the case for lower payments. Likewise, custodial parents struggling to make ends meet could propose a modification for higher payments with the help of an experienced lawyer.

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