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Actress is subject of custody and support modification

California parents who are not satisfied with a current child custody order and who want to make a change may be able to petition the court for modification. The same can be said for celebrity couples going through a similar ordeal as was witnessed earlier in September.

Amanda Stanton debuted on "The Bachelor" with Ben Higgins but was most recently on "Bachelor in Paradise" where she starred alongside current fiance Josh Murray. Amanda has two children with her ex-husband who filed for child custody of the two and an adjustment of child support. The ex criticizes her portrayal on the "Bachelor" shows and worries about the impact that it has on his daughters, according to the documents he filed with the court. The first show that she premiered on, Amanda's children were filmed meeting the star.

According to the current child custody order, Amanda is supposed to have her children 65 percent of the time. However, the ex laments that he has recently been responsible for the children for more of this time as she has filmed reality shows. He is also asking for a modification of child support since Amanda's income was estimated at $100 a month when child support was calculated, requiring him to pay about $2,000 in child support each month. He claims that her income is approximately $25,000 a month now.

Parents who would like to modify a child custody or child support order may choose to contact a family law attorney. Legal counsel can provide them with advice and lay out the possible options, including mediation, negotiations or going back to court.

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