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Can I seek additional child support for school expenses?

With a new school year to begin in about a month's time, there are certain to be new expenses for kids, including, new clothes, extra-curricular activities and electronic devices. For both custodial and non-custodial parents, the additional costs for the new school year can be a significant burden. Unfortunately, they can also mean that disputes can arise over who will be tasked with covering them.

Ideally, parents will pool their resources along with other close family members to make things work. But some parents, still scarred from custody battles, may be vindictive and may not want to help a struggling parent. Because of this, some frustrated parents may want to seek court intervention through a child support modification.

Before filing such a motion, you should know what child support entails and whether a modification would be successful. 

Keep in mind that court ordered support normally does not cover additional expenses that come with extra-curricular activities, such as sports leagues and piano lessons, unless it is specifically ordered. In these circumstances, the court will make specific findings addressing any deviations from California child support guidelines to accommodate these needs.

So, if your child wants to play football and there are surcharges for uniforms, and additional related costs, a support modification may not be the best way to achieve your goals. Nevertheless, there may be ways that parents can come together to resolve financial issues related to a new school year without litigation.

If you have additional questions regarding child support, an experienced family law attorney can help. 

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