6 things for fathers to know about parenting plans

Parenting plans are the backbone of child custody arrangements. Parents who are creating these plans need to ensure they have all the information that they need in the plan. That way, they can avoid problems in the future. There are six things for fathers to consider when they are coming establishing the terms of their parenting plan.

#1: The child’s age matters

Your child’s age is an important consideration in the parenting plan. You should ensure the plan is age appropriate for your child’s needs. Younger children might need more stability and more time with a primary caregiver. Older children might need a more flexible plan that works with their extracurricular activity schedule. Since your child’s best interests are the basis of parenting plans, you must put your children first.

#2: Special days must be considered

The parenting plan must lay out what will happen on special days, such as major holidays, birthdays and days when school is closed. You and your ex-wife will refer to the schedule in the parenting plan when making decisions for those days. Think about your child’s desires and what will enable your child to build lasting memories.

#3: Powers for decisions are necessary

Your child’s life is full of decisions. You must decide where your child will attend school and what kind of health care your child needs. These are possible areas of contention. Your parenting plan should lay out directions about making these decisions. Decide if one parent or both parents will make certain decisions for your child.

#4: Parenting plans might need to be flexible

Your parenting plan might need flexibility. This is often the case when one or both parents have a work schedule that changes. Pilots, military members, medical professionals, factory workers and people in similar positions might benefit from these flexible parenting plans.

#5: You can work with your ex-wife to come to an agreement

You and your ex-wife can work together to come up with a parenting plan. Child custody mediation is one option that puts your child first. It enables you and your ex to come to terms of the agreement together, which is beneficial to the child since you and your ex are familiar with your child’s needs and desires.

#6: Modification is possible

A parenting plan might need altering in the future. This is done through a child custody modification. Just like the original parenting plan, you can use mediation to come to the terms of the new agreement.