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Child Support Archives

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna reach support agreement

California residents often hear news of celebrity child support disputes, which can become very complex. The dispute over child support between Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna also fits the pattern and after almost a year of conflict, the exes have agreed to terms.

For answers in child support cases, DNA tests can help

For people involved in a dispute over child support in San Jose, DNA paternity testing can help play a major role in answering outstanding questions and leading to a settlement. Child support and adequate financial assistance is important for a growing child. When children have the financial support of both parents, they are better equipped to deal with school, medical or other responsibilities and obligations.

Getting modifications for child support orders

California parents may sometimes find it necessary to request a modification to an existing child support order. This can be due to certain life events, like being terminated from a job. In order to receive more child support or pay less child support as their situation indicates, both parents must be in agreement for any changes to the existing order, or the family court judge must issue a modification to the order.

How to resolve child support matters amicably

California couples whose marriages are ending and who have minor children often come to a child support agreement on their own. They may also come to an agreement by using alternate dispute resolution methods. If neither of those options are effective, a court may determine how much financial support a parent must provide to a child. However, when parents are able to come to an agreement on their own, it may still need to be approved by a judge.

Options for reaching an agreement about child support

When San Jose parents of young children get a divorce, one will likely be obligated to pay child support to the other. However, this decision is not necessarily one that is made by a judge. Parents might enter informal negotiations with the help of their attorneys to reach an agreement about child support. In some cases, parents might actively participate in this negotiation while in other cases their attorneys might take the lead.

How to find a noncustodial parent

Before a California parent can ask for child support from the other parent, the state must be able to identify who the noncustodial parent is. For this, the state has a parent locator service that helps child support agencies locate the noncustodial parent. While it is usually easiest to locate the noncustodial parent through their current address, the child support agency may have to use other means if the parent does not know the address.

How child support is handled when children get emancipated

When couples with kids get divorced, the noncustodial parents are usually required to pay child support until their offspring reach the age of majority. A child is legally considered to be an adult in California when he or she becomes 18 years old.

Child support and collecting back payments

San Jose parents who are seeking a child support order as part of their divorce may want to file a claim for retroactive support. It will not be granted automatically, however. They might need to include documentation such as a list of expenses, proof that the support is owed, and proof that the custodial parent has made an effort to collect support.

Appropriate use of child support in San Jose

Child support was designed so that the parent who has kids living with them is able to provide a standard of living that is similar to the standard the children experienced when living with both parents. While the primary goal of child support is to ensure children have food, clothing and shelter via funds from the parent not living with children, the money is not always used this way.

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