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Family Law Archives

Valuation and planning essential for divorcing business owners

In a community property state such as California, a spouse could have a legal right to half of the other spouse's business in a divorce. The terms of the split could be negotiated or even guided by the terms of the agreements that established the business. However, the divorce would likely involve the sale of the business or some type of buyout. This process begins with a thorough valuation of the business.

Factors that may contribute to a California divorce

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 22 percent of married couples will experience some sort of disruption to their marriage in the first five years. Furthermore, 53 percent will have experienced a disruption within 20 years of getting married. There are a few reasons why this is so.

Studies identify factors that increase the likelihood of divorce

Couples in San Jose may be more likely to divorce based on a number of factors identified by various studies. For example, marriages are more likely to remain stable if they begin when people are in their late 20s. People who marry in their teens or after the age of 32 are more likely to divorce.

Navigating child custody issues in divorces

When California couples who share children decide to get divorced, it is important for them to realize that the decisions that they make during their divorces may impact their day-to-day lives for years to come. It is important for parents to take care when they are negotiating their child custody and visitation plans so that they work well for all who are involved.

When divorce is the right choice

Some statistics show that approximately 50 percent of marriages end in a divorce. California couples who are unhappy with their relationships may be interested to know about which conditions indicate that getting a divorce may be a wise choice.

Unusual divorce indictators

There are several risk factors that may make the odds of someone getting a divorce more likely. Some of these things are within a person's control while others are not. California residents might like to know more about these indicators of divorce.

Studies find online dating may lower divorce risk

People in San Jose who get married after meeting on an online dating site might be more likely to stay married than couples who meet in another way. While there is a perception that only casual daters use online dating sites, studies have reached different conclusions.

Protecting assets during a divorce

Going through a divorce is often a stressful and emotional process for a lot of people in California and elsewhere around the country. It can be difficult for individuals to make sound decisions about splitting assets, but failing to do so can leave them in disastrous financial shape. People who are going through a divorce should pay close attention to all the details and make sure they fully understand the ramifications of their decisions.

Tax changes that happen after a divorce

People in California who are divorcing will find that after the divorce, there are changes in how they must file their taxes. One big change is the switch from filing as married to filing as single or as head of household if there are dependents. The person will also be in a new tax bracket. After an annulment, the couple must also file amended tax returns for the years they filed as married.

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