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December 2017 Archives

Social Security spouse benefits and divorce

California residents going through the divorce process understand that a divorce is going to have an impact on their financial well-being. As opposed to living on two incomes, the divorcing spouses will now need to rely solely on their income. This can require one or both of the spouses making some drastic changes in their standard of living. Some individuals may be concerned about the impact their divorce will have on their ability to collect Social Security payments from their ex-spouse.

Important points to remember while co-parenting

California parents may have a hard time moving forward after a divorce. It is often difficult for the children to accept that their parents are no longer together. However, there are ways in which a parent can move forward and show their children that it is possible to adjust to such a big change.

Parents who owe child support may hide income from gig work

An increasing percentage of San Jose residents and other Californians are working within the gig economy, which involves completing work via online platforms. This economy presents a problem when the gig workers owe child support because locating their income sources may be difficult.

Financial independence after divorce

As part of the divorce process, an individual in California will want to make sure that all joint debts are paid off in full. Preferably, debts will be paid off prior to the split occurring. However, it may be necessary to divide up joint debts as part of a divorce settlement. It is important to note that creditors may come after either person listed on a joint debt regardless of who was required to pay it as part of the divorce decree.

Signing a child support stipulation

Many California residents with children need to request court-ordered child support from the other parent in order to make ends meet. Individuals who have been asked to pay child support may wonder if there is a way to avoid going to court. It may be possible to avoid having to appear before a judge in court by signing a stipulation agreement.

6 valuable divorce tips

You're planning to ask your spouse for a divorce. You've been mulling it over now for nearly a year. After 15 years of marriage, you just feel like something got lost and it's time to move on.

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