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October 2017 Archives

Unusual divorce indictators

There are several risk factors that may make the odds of someone getting a divorce more likely. Some of these things are within a person's control while others are not. California residents might like to know more about these indicators of divorce.

Studies find online dating may lower divorce risk

People in San Jose who get married after meeting on an online dating site might be more likely to stay married than couples who meet in another way. While there is a perception that only casual daters use online dating sites, studies have reached different conclusions.

Community property states and property division

A person in San Jose who is getting a divorce will be subject to California community property laws. Under these laws, property is usually divided 50/50. However, when one California woman asked her husband for a divorce, he hoped to get their home and half of her 401(k). While he probably was entitled to half of the 401(k) although his wife had been the main breadwinner for the past 10 years, the house would probably be split between the two of them.

What to do if a spouse takes joint assets

A spouse's unusual or secretive financial activity could indicate that the spouse is considering divorce, or it could simply be an effort to protect a couple's money if the other spouse is irresponsible. In San Jose, if a couple does divorce, it is under community property laws, so moving marital assets to an individual account will usually not affect how property is divided. However, a person whose spouse is using shared marital assets for an individual account may have legal concerns.

Financial silver linings in divorce cases

Individuals in San Jose who are approaching or going through divorce may fear the financial downsides. The divorce process itself can be expensive, and the loss of a spouse's income can make things more difficult financially. There are, however, potential financial silver linings associated with divorce.

The benefits of shared custody

When parents in California consider getting divorced, who will have custody of the children is often a huge concern. Historically, mothers often have been awarded primary physical custody, and fathers get to see their children during weekend visits. However, an increasing number of experts have begun to question whether this arrangement is what's best for the children.

Garnishing wages and child support

Some people in San Jose may be among the many workers whose wages are being garnished for child support, student loans or consumer debt. According to a study released on Sept. 27 by the ADP Research Institute, 7 percent of people throughout the country have their wages garnished. Usually, garnishments happen as the result of a court order.

Protecting assets during a divorce

Going through a divorce is often a stressful and emotional process for a lot of people in California and elsewhere around the country. It can be difficult for individuals to make sound decisions about splitting assets, but failing to do so can leave them in disastrous financial shape. People who are going through a divorce should pay close attention to all the details and make sure they fully understand the ramifications of their decisions.

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