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Relationship of work hours and income to divorce rates

Actuaries apparently calculate the chances of their marital success very accurately because people in that profession have the lowest divorce rate. Other people in California who work in careers related to science and mathematics enjoy comparable stability in marriage, according to FlowingData. The organization looked at data from the 2015 American Community Survey and studied the relationship between occupation and divorce rates.

Other occupations with lower than average rates of divorce included software developers and medical professionals. Their higher incomes could play a role in their lower likelihood of ending marriages. The data showed that people with higher incomes had fewer divorces.

The hours that people worked showed a strong correlation with divorce. The late hours required for bartenders and casino workers, like gaming managers, appeared to contribute. People working in transportation, shipping or travel, such as flight attendants, ended their marriages more often than people in other occupations. The national average rate of divorce across all job types reached slightly above 35 percent in 2015.

Statistics paint broad strokes about marital stress, but any individual contemplating divorce might want the benefit of personal legal advice. An attorney who practices family law could look at the person's financial and family situation and explain how a court might determine child custody, child support and the division of marital property. Splitting couples also have the option of negotiating the terms of their divorce outside of court. An attorney might aid these negotiations. Information provided about parental and property rights could help a person make effective decisions about the divorce settlement. If the parties come to terms, an attorney could prepare the agreements for court approval. When disputes cannot be resolved privately, an attorney could strive to defend the person's needs in court.

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