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August 2017 Archives

How to change car insurance policies after divorce

When people in San Jose get a divorce, there are a number of paperwork issues they must attend to including changing their car insurance. This is necessary if both are listed as the named insured on a policy. Usually, this task should be done right before the divorce is finalized in case the couple reconciles. Waiting also ensures that some of the necessary elements are in place to make the change.

For answers in child support cases, DNA tests can help

For people involved in a dispute over child support in San Jose, DNA paternity testing can help play a major role in answering outstanding questions and leading to a settlement. Child support and adequate financial assistance is important for a growing child. When children have the financial support of both parents, they are better equipped to deal with school, medical or other responsibilities and obligations.

Do you need to make a custody plan for your toddler?

Parents of toddlers who are going through a divorce will need to make the creation of a parenting plan a top priority. First, you'll have to set up a temporary parenting plan that will be in effect while you're going through your divorce process. Later, you'll solidify the permanent plan.

Prenuptial agreements and millennials

San Jose millenials might be more likely to create a prenuptial agreement before they get married than their parents were. People are getting married later in life, and they tend to bring more assets and debts into the marriage. Around 80 percent of people were married by the age of 30 in the 1970s while in 2016, this same percentage was true of 45-year-olds. People in their 20s and 30s also think it is more important to be financially secure before they get married. There are also more women working outside the home with only 14 percent staying home full time in 2016 compared to 43 percent in 1975.

Finances for post-divorce women

Women in California who get a divorce are likely to experience reduced financial circumstances after the separation. This remains true even though an increasing number of women are advancing in their chosen careers.

Divorce mediation demands the right attitude

Mediation can be an efficient and simple way for a couple to handle a San Jose divorce. In many cases, mediation makes sense for the parties involved. In some cases, however, it may not be the best option. It often comes down to how the parties feel about one another as they approach and go through the process. Successful mediation requires that each party consider the other's point of view, for example, and that the parties wish one another well.

Parenting the children during and after a divorce

It is estimated that about 41 percent of all first marriages do not last. Further, nearly a third of all divorces are between parents of young children. For these couples, sharing children means that the two parents may have to deal with each other at least until the children come of age.

How much does divorce mediation cost?

San Jose spouses who are going through a divorce might try to work through their differences with divorce mediation. Perhaps, for example, you and your spouse are at an impasse in a custody disagreement with your child. It looks like you may need to take the matter to court, but you know that it would be easier of your family if you could reach an out-of-court settlement.

Home ownership after divorce

Owning a home is very important for many California residents, and the fate of a marital home is one of the most important aspects of any divorce. There are several things that may happen to a home during divorce, and a spouse should keep in mind a few factors that may affect their ability to get a mortgage.

What to plan for before getting a divorce

For many California couples, the day that they get married is the happiest of their lives. Conversely, getting a divorce may be among the worst. All 50 states allow for no-fault divorces, which means that there is no need to state a reason such as adultery or domestic violence as the cause of the split.

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