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July 2017 Archives

What a divorce can do for a person

Although many California residents who are going through a divorce have a basic understanding of what to expect, they may not have a full grasp of what a divorce can actually do. For example, some residents may assume that they will get everything they want out of the divorce while others may be afraid that they will be left high and dry. However, going into the process with realistic expectations can reduce fear and anxiety residents may be feeling.

Uncertainty over healthcare may be impacting divorce petitions

California residents are likely aware that healthcare has become a contentious political issue in recent months, and a growing number of analysts say that uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act has prompted some couples to put off seeking a divorce. It was once a common practice for couples with concerns over health insurance to separate rather than divorce, but this now happens rarely as employers generally no longer provide coverage to legally separated spouses.

Getting modifications for child support orders

California parents may sometimes find it necessary to request a modification to an existing child support order. This can be due to certain life events, like being terminated from a job. In order to receive more child support or pay less child support as their situation indicates, both parents must be in agreement for any changes to the existing order, or the family court judge must issue a modification to the order.

A life in the military can be hard on marriages

California residents may have read studies dealing with divorce trends based on demographic and economic factors, but little research has been done on how career choices can impact marriages. The career information website Zippia used U.S. Census data to study divorce rates among various occupations, and it found that serving in the U.S. military can be extremely hard on marriages. Military jobs occupied three of the top 10 places on the list of occupations most likely to divorce, and first-line military supervisors had the highest divorce rates of all.

Popular divorce myths that are false

California residents who are considering getting a divorce often receive advice from their family and friends. Although they may mean well, some of the advice given could be inconsistent with California divorce laws or may be inapplicable to a person's unique case. As such, those in this position should do their research when it comes to divorce myths.

Tips that can help seniors in their divorce proceedings

Imagine you've been married for an amazingly long time. Your marriage has endured for 40 years, your children are grown and you even have grandkids. However, the last few years have been difficult and some of the things that have bothered you about your spouse have finally come to a head. At 70 years of age, you want a divorce.

Survey looks at fathers' parenting attitudes

Some San Jose fathers might want to be stay-at-home parents if they did not need the income from work. A 2015 study conducted nationwide by Pew Research Center found that about 48 percent of fathers expressed this wish. While a majority of the general public believed that children benefited from having one stay-at-home parent, they were split on whether this should be the mother or father. Over half said it did not matter, but 45 percent said the mother was better. Just 1 percent said the father was better.

Immigrants fearing deportation assigning caretakers for children

Throughout California and the rest of the United States, workshops run by volunteer law students and attorneys have been helping people prepare for the possibility of deportation. For most of these immigrants, their paramount concern is filling out forms that designate trusted friends or relatives as caretakers for their children.

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