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December 2016 Archives

Prenuptial agreements are especially useful for young creatives

For thousands of couples across the great state of California, the unfair stigma surrounding prenuptial agreements is finally beginning to fall away. In part, this is due to changing ideas about marriage and pragmatism about creating less painful dissolution if a relationship does not last for the rest of the couple's lives.

New child support rules for inmates issued by the government

In California, some parents are incarcerated after court orders have been issued requiring them to pay child support to their children's other parents. This has led to parents exiting prison facing substantial amounts of debt that they are unable to pay. On Dec. 19, President Obama's administration released rules that are aimed at reducing the amounts of child support debt that inmates owe upon their release.

Locating noncustodial parents who owe child support

The child support programs in California and around the country are designed to ensure that noncustodial parents contribute toward the expenses associated with raising their children. In addition to providing financial assistance to custodial parents, child support also prevents the children of single parents from becoming burdens on the state and its taxpayers. The system works well when noncustodial parents have stable sources of income and their whereabouts are known, but matters become more complicated when parents must be located.

Divorce and how it affects Social Security benefits

If a person in San Jose divorces someone who has a higher income, they might be able to collect on that ex-spouse's Social Security benefits. Social Security benefits begin paying out at their full amount when a person retires. Depending on one's birthdate, retirement age could be somewhere between the ages of 66 and 67. A person may draw on their spouse's Social Security benefits if their own benefits would be less. The person is eligible to claim up to 50 percent of the full benefit from their ex-spouse. This does not reduce the benefit available to the ex-spouse.

Working out co-parenting conflicts after divorce

Divorced San Jose parents who think they will leave their conflicts with their ex-spouse behind after the marriage has ended may find that co-parenting creates new conflicts. While parents may work out careful schedules around custody and visitation, that scheduling can be upended if one parent decides to move nearer a new partner. More conflict may arise if the new partner and the other parent dislike one another.

Methods for collecting unpaid child support in California

Unfortunately, just because someone has agreed to pay child support or has been ordered by the court to do so, it does not mean that the individual will live up to their obligations. However, the legal system has put in place a number of methods for helping custodial parents collect the support that they are owed.

Child support is key for single parents

There is a lot of research that shows that children in California and around the country who are born to unmarried parents are likely to struggle. Many of these issues come from a lack of resources. Children with parents who are not married are three times as likely to be poor as children who have married parents. This is frequently due to the fact that single parents often only have one income, and the jobs they have tend to pay less because many single parents are often not as well educated as their married peers.

Domestic violence doesn't take a holiday break

Women who are victims of domestic violence year-round come to dread the Christmas holidays in particular. Instead of enjoying times full of domestic tranquility and happy family memories-in-the-making, these women have to worry about avoiding doing the slightest thing that might set their abuser off on a tirade that could end in a beating.

Providing emotional support for children during a divorce

Divorce hits both California children and their parents hard, and studies have shown that children will often experience behavioral changes as well as a number of negative emotions, including guilt and anxiety. This can lead to poor performance at school and kids blaming themselves for a divorce. How the parents handle the divorce can affect how their children weather the split, according to a study that has been published in the journal Pediatrics.

Why Millennials might consider a prenuptial agreement

As California residents who are contemplating marriage may know, having a prenuptial in place before the wedding might help protect assets already held by each partner. A survey taken by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers shows that over half of the 1,600 attorneys surveyed reported an increase in the request for prenuptial agreements from Millennials.

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