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September 2016 Archives

Former NBA star has child support payments reduced

California basketball fans who follow the Miami Heat may have heard that former team member Glen Rice has recently had his child support payment amount lowered by more than half. According to reports, the former NBA star, who made $35 million during his basketball career, is "almost broke" after living off of his basketball earnings for years.

Domestic violence and child custody

California residents might be surprised to know that there are some common myths about domestic violence that might hurt the family if they are believed. Particularly in situations where children are involved, some of these common myths might result in the children continuing as victims.

RHONY star to get $10,000 a month in support

California viewers who watched the end of the marriage between "The Real Housewives of New York City" stars Jules and Michael Wainstein can now learn more about the details of their divorce. The recent court order was the first of what will likely be many to come as the divorce process unravels.

Cohabitation agreements for unmarried couples

Buying a home is often the primary financial goal for married couples in California and around the country, but financial and legal experts say that cohabiting couples should think twice before making this type of commitment. Unmarried couples do not enjoy the same legal protections as married couples, and disputes between them that do not involve children are generally decided by contract law rather than family law.

Actress is subject of custody and support modification

California parents who are not satisfied with a current child custody order and who want to make a change may be able to petition the court for modification. The same can be said for celebrity couples going through a similar ordeal as was witnessed earlier in September.

Separation agreement tips for college savings

California parents can spend years saving money for their children to apply toward college expenses. Understandably, dutiful savers who are going through a divorce may want to take steps to protect these college funds. In a worse-case scenario, a vindictive spouse could take control of an account and use the money for other purposes.

Shared parenting laws becoming more common in U.S.

San Jose parents may have noticed that child custody reform laws are becoming more common in the United States. For example, Missouri has passed a shared parenting law that takes an egalitarian approach to fathers' rights in child custody cases. Minnesota, South Dakota and Utah have similar bills.

When parents have disputes over the child's screen time

When California divorced parents with shared physical custody have different ideas about the appropriate amount of time for children to spend online or watching television, there are ways for them to handle it. The parent who puts limits on the child's screen time is likely to be the one who is trying to figure out what to do.

Helping children through a California divorce

From the viewpoint of a child, divorce can be a traumatic experience. That's why divorcing parents should help their children see the separation as merely a change in circumstance rather than a harrowing obstacle. To make the divorce easier on their children, parents should keep themselves in top emotional and physical condition. By taking care of themselves, they may be better equipped to take care of the kids.

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