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May 2016 Archives

Are alimony payments influencing women's financial well-being?

Virtually no one in California goes into a divorce wanting to come out on the end with a lower financial status, but this is the reality that some individuals face. TV shows and movies tend to focus on how women "win" divorces through a variety of means -- including child support and alimony -- but is this portrayal true to real life? As it turns out, it's not very similar at all.

Social media could impact family law issues in California

In this age of technology, it is not unusual for individuals of all ages to have social media accounts. California residents may utilize these accounts to share information about joyous or even upsetting times in their lives as well as post updates about vacations or other trips that may be taken. However, if individuals are going through a divorce, posting on social media could cause serious family law issues.

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