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April 2016 Archives

Divorce rates for military members slowing down

Most military families face tremendous hardships during the course of a loved one's enlistment. For the general military population, the divorce rate is fairly high, although data does indicate that the rate is decreasing. California couples in which at least one party is an active duty member of the military must still address all of the same issues as their civilian counterparts during a divorce -- such as child custody and alimony -- but the reasons behind divorce can differ greatly.

Family law court approves restraining order for Roger Hernandez

Roger Hernandez -- a California assemblyman -- was named in a temporary restraining order that requires him to stay at least 100 yards away from his wife. The couple is embroiled in an ongoing divorce that has lasted for well over a year. Although Hernandez claims that his wife never mentioned alleged abuse earlier on, the family law court determined that issuing the restraining order was an appropriate step to take.

Parental alienation can lead to child custody battles

Even when it is the best possible decision to make, divorce is not always an easy process, especially for parents. While some divorced couples continue to cooperate in the best interests of their child, not every parent is so lucky. Unfortunately, some California parents even go to drastic measures to wrongly influence the outcome of child custody agreements.

Worried about finances? Stay vigilant during property division

For every personal decision that leads to divorce, there are perhaps just as many reasons that some people avoid the process even when a marriage is no longer viable. While these reasons vary, many people in California have serious financial concerns about ending a marriage. A significant financial concern can be even more worrying during a high asset divorce, and property division and other processes can either ease or add to those worries.

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