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July 2015 Archives

Legal separation rules clarified by California Supreme Court

Many people think of the dissolution of marriage as an event, started and completed on certain dates with clear differentiations between "married," "separated" and "divorced." Instead, it may more accurately be considered a process. Couples may separate, reunite and separate again before finally calling it quits. During divorce, they may need to remain under the same roof for financial reasons. Divorce can be so messy, in fact, that spouses may significantly disagree on when they actually separated.

There are ways to challenge a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are vital contracts when a couple has many assets and a lot of money tied into their relationship. Shared pieces of property, valuable items, and various financial accounts become central parts of a divorce when they apply, and a prenuptial agreement goes a long way in allowing the couple to sort out these complex issues without much bickering or extensive litigation.

Was celebrity couple's high-asset divorce strategically timed?

Because California is the land of celebrities, it also tends to be the land of celebrity divorce. When high-asset couples get married, mingle assets and eventually get divorced, their legal proceedings often play out in the media. This gives the rest of us a view into the often complex issues surrounding property division, prenuptial agreements and high-asset divorce.

Financial self-education could be key to equal divorce settlement

It's no secret that two-income households are now the norm. Commonly, men and women both work outside the home (although one spouse may work part-time if they have minor children at home). Yet even in dual-income households, one spouse is often in charge of the family finances while the other gives little to no input.

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